Breakout Sessions

Saturday 3:00pm

Dave Overholt

Saturday 3:00PM – Heartland Room  

Creative Ways to Read the Bible

Have you ever found getting into Bible reading difficult? Perhaps you haven’t found a great way to read the Bible that fits you. We will be discussing how to have a quiet time, including creative ways to read the Bible. Don’t be frustrated, with some creativity, daily Bible listening is possible for everyone.

Elijah Waters

Saturday at 3:00PM in Trailblazer Room

Let’s Talk Influence

We are going to be looking at leadership from different perspectives; not just the how-to, but the heart and soul of an effective leader.

Rachael Bawn

Saturday 3:00PM – Prairie Pavilion

Finding Security in God

Many struggle today to truly feel secure in who they are. It is easy in a social media culture to feel like you never measure up. As a result, many youth don’t pursue their dreams. In this workshop, Rachael will talk about her work with youth and many who dealt with anxiety, cutting, and depression. She will share about her own life experience growing up in a poorer family and her own journey to break into the pop music scene. She will also share how to find your source of identity, confidence, and hope in God, and how that can empower you to do what God created you to do.

Ruben Valeny

Saturday 3:00PM – Chalet

Living and Influencing Life Without Losing It

I know that I’m meant for a purpose. I know that I’m made for more. I know that I’m called to change people and change the world. But sometimes, when I’m trying to live my life, I feel like I’m losing it in the process.

I want to follow Jesus, but there are so many things that are pulling me away from him. Pressures at school, anxiety/depression, relationships… how do I deal with them all? At times, I feel like God’s voice is a just a whisper in a mosh pit. How can I live a holy life in an unholy culture?

Danny MacKay

Saturday 3:00PM  Marquis Room

Missionary God

Did you know that all around the world some of the most effective missionaries and evangelists are youth? It’s true! God wants to use you too. Come and hear some great stories of young people making a difference and learn some practical tools to share Jesus with your friends and make a difference right where you are.

Saturday 4:15pm

Chris Greenwood

Saturday 4:15PM – Chalet

Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do

In this workshop, I will be talking about how to overcome fear of failure, depression and fulfill the call of God on your life. I’ll be sharing my story about how I got into it; struggles, fears, record labels and how I’ve shared Jesus in 21 different countries because of the platform music has given me. I’ll be encouraging that, no matter what their gift, they can use it to witness in the market place.

Amy Miller

Saturday 4:15PM – Heartland Room

New Vision

Have you ever felt alone, misunderstood or confused in this life? Do you ever doubt that God is good? Are you ever scared to speak up about Jesus? If so, you’re not the only one, but it’s time to move past those questions and have a Fresh Encounter with God! Come and discover the story of a guy who encountered Jesus and received a New Vision of Who Jesus is and Who he was, which changed everything and propelled him to live Sold Out for Christ!

Dave Overholt

Saturday 4:15PM – Trailblazer Room 

Building a Transformational Youth Ministry Culture 

No matter how secular or sacred, no matter how fun or serious, you can see all your teens connecting to God. The most powerful tool the Spirit of God uses in transformation is the culture around us. Change the culture; change the behavior. We will be exploring how culture works and how to build a culture that transforms your student’s lives. Watch how worship, prayer, Bible study, and evangelism all flourish as you architect the environment of your youth ministry.

Joanna Hyatt 

Saturday at 4:15PM in Prairie Pavilion

Sold Out with Your Sexuality

Our sexuality has become the focus of nearly every mainstream song, tv show, movie, and major social movement. It’s a central part of who we are and yet at times can feel like a ticking bomb waiting to explode. In a world obsessed with sexuality, is it possible to live it out in a healthy way and still for the glory of God? No matter your past, your future choices in this area have potential to change the world.

Jolene Biegel

Saturday 4:15PM Marquis Room

Being an Overcomer When Life Gets You Down

The issue of depression and anxiety are two of the most common reasons teens seek out counselling. Sometimes the struggles in our lives can be overwhelming and leave us feeling very confused and alone. In this workshop, we will explore some of the root causes of depression and anxiety and how you can be an overcomer when life gets tough.

Sunday 1:00pm

Dave Overholt

Sunday 1:00PM – Heartland Room 

Help a Friend Find Jesus 

Have you ever wanted to share your faith but found it too awkward? In this very practical workshop we will discover how a partnership with the Spirit makes sharing our faith a natural a part of our lifestyle. Learn how to help a friend get closer to Jesus today.

Bob Goff

Sunday 1:00pm­­­ – Trailblazer Room 

“Leadership Workshop”

Erin Larose

Sunday 1:00PM – Chalet

This Isn’t Entertainment

Jesus actually changes people and it is our job as the church to introduce a lost and dying world to a real God.  He changes people in a moment, He changes people over time; there is no person too far or too broken for His presence to find and heal.  Our faith is not in just a nice man who did some nice things, we serve a risen Saviour that left a grave behind and overcame for us.  This generation doesn’t need some warm fuzzies, it needs a potent Gospel that saves, heals, frees and resurrects. His power is real and needs to be released into the lives of a world that is desperately searching for it. Come hear real stories and be inspired and encouraged to share this with your world.

Jolene Biegel

Sunday 1:00PM Marquis Room

Your Life Matters

We all are driven by a deep need to be known and feel significant. You are not a mistake or insignificant to God. Each one of us is designed to live a life that gives God glory and leaves a positive impact on those around us. In this workshop, we will talk about ways to live a life that is both pleasing to God and fulfilling through being sold out to Jesus Christ.

Joanna Hyatt 

Sunday at 1:00PM in Prairie Pavilion

Giant Fighters: Do You Have What It Takes?  

Living a life sold out for Christ, particularly when it comes to our sexuality, is riddled with opportunities for failure. Too many of us think we can face temptation without any preparation or training, and then we wonder why we fall flat. Joanna Hyatt will unpack the key to successfully fighting these giants in your life.

Sunday 2:15pm

Danny MacKay

Sunday 2:15PM – Marquis Room

How to Tell Others About Jesus

98% of North American Christians never share their faith with someone who does not yet know Jesus. Some of the reason for this is that they simply don’t know how to initiate spiritual conversations, share their story, or share God’s story (the gospel). In this workshop, we will look at super practical tools that empower others to engage in a natural way and move into deeper spiritual conversations.  It’s easier than you think! Let’s learn how to share the greatest news ever with people who desperately need to hear it!

Jon Esparaz

Sunday 2:15PM – Chalet

The Ultimate Solution: Solving the Rubik’s Cube and More

  • The Rubik’s Cube has over 43 quintillion (yes that’s a number) permutations… Do not be afraid! Join North American Record-Holder, Jon Esparaz as he shows how to solve the Rubik’s Cube step-by-step, gives out advanced tips and tricks, and shares how he is solving another puzzle – extreme poverty – through his involvement with Compassion Canada. Whether you can already solve the Rubik’s Cube or want to solve it for the very first time, this is the workshop for you!

Alyssa Esparaz

Sunday 2:15PM Prairie Pavilion

Compassion Generation: Discovering Our Role in God’s Redeeming Story

  • For a generation that has a full and instant view of all the poverty, injustice and brokenness in the world through the screens in our pockets, it can be hard to believe God has a plan in the midst of it all. But the good news is that He is writing a beautiful story of redemption, and He is inviting each of us to be a part of it. Come join us as we examine poverty and injustice, and together discover how God is uniquely calling and equipping each of us to spread his love, hope and good news in the midst of it all.

Jason Ballard

Sunday 2:15PM – Trailblazer Room

Why Youth Ministry Matters and the Two Qualities Every Youth Worker Must Have.

Youth ministry matters! If you are a youth pastor, youth worker, or youth volunteer, I’d love to share my heart with you for 45 minutes.  Join me as I unpack the two qualities that I believe every youth worker must have to stay joyful in the work and leave a lasting impact. We will end with time for prayer and ministry.

Dave Overholt

Sunday 2:15PM – Heartland Room

Hearing God

Why does it seem so many people in the Bible hear God but we find it difficult? God is still speaking! We will explore at least three ways that God is still speaking today. Join us and learn to listen.

Sunday 3:30pm

Jon Esparaz

Sunday 3:30PM – Chalet

The Ultimate Solution (again): Solving the Rubik’s Cube and More

  • Did you miss the workshop the first time around, need more time to finish up your Rubik’s Cube, have more questions, or just want to come back again? Do not be afraid! Jon Esparaz is running The Ultimate Solution (again).

Alyssa Esparaz

Sunday 3:30PM – Prairie Pavilion

Seek First a 4.0 GPA?: Following Jesus in College/University

  • For many senior high school students, there’s a lot on your mind as you head into post-secondary education. Which school should I go to? What should I study? Will I fit in? What will it be like possibly moving away from home? In the midst of all that, it can be almost too easy to forget about the faith you were so on-fire for in high school. Jesus wants to meet you in every stage of your life—this one included! In fact, what would it look like if you entered this season knowing and living like Jesus has called you specifically to your school and your field of study? Join us for a conversation about what it looks like to follow Jesus as a college/university student.

Jonathan Lambert

Sunday at 3:30PM – Trailblazer Room

Leadership 6 Pack

Let’s unpack the qualities and characteristics of a great team so we can learn how to lead and be led in a way that sets healthy culture and make a difference in our circles of influence.

Jason Ballard

Sunday 3:30PM – Marquis Room

How Do I Follow the Way of Jesus in a World that Seems to Go the Opposite Way?

If Jesus went to high school in Canada, what would that look like?  How would He act?  How would He respond to temptation? Who would He spend time with? Would He bring healing and change? How would He stay close to his Heavenly Father?

What about us today? What does it look like for us to keep our faith, fight temptation, love others and join God in the transformation of our cities and schools?

Here is the BIG IDEA: Christians have always thrived the most when they are the most out of place.  Our faith doesn’t need to just ‘survive’ through high school—it can thrive!

Eileen Hunter Wolf

Sunday 3:30PM Heartland Room

Staying Strong

There is an unavoidable battle set in place to keep you from accomplishing God’s best. Although he is an invisible enemy that would love to wrestle you down with fear and worry, you are God’s warrior. We invite you to live armed and dangerous for Christ, learn strategies that will help you fight the good fight of faith and protect your purpose.